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Copyright and Disclaimer

The services of ChannelJ are provided free of charge.

When you view the web pages and collect information through ChannelJ, we request you to determine on your own responsibility if the information fits your needs, you have a legal right necessary for any usage of the information including storage and copy, or you are compliant with your obligations of the laws and ordinances for copyrights, confidentiality, defamation, preservation of dignity and exports.

ChannelJ searches for websites and information on the Internet automatically, classifies them into arbitrary categories that we specified and prepares the result. ChannelJ does not check the content of websites and information linked to the search result. Therefore, we do not guarantee the correctness, lawfulness, morality, copyright license, presence, newness and appropriateness (including the properness and adequacy of the category) of the websites and information referred from the search result.

In addition, we neither guarantee the quality of services provided through "ChannelJ" nor take any responsibility for the stoppage and/or defects of ChannelJ's services, and damages or losses caused by these events.

All content in this website has been prepared for the purpose of providing information and not intended for the inducement of trade of valuable securities and so on. The data displayed and provided in the content is not the disclosure data based on the securities and exchange law, and the accuracy and completeness of data are not guaranteed. Moreover, the opinions and forecasts presented are based on the estimation at the time of the start of contents delivery and are subject to change in the future without prior notice. Accordingly, we request you to use the information obtained through this website, checking against the information obtained through other means on your own judgment. We do not take any responsibility for any damages caused by the use of information obtained through this website.

The images and sound on this website are the copyright of the company, which released them, and ChannelJ. The copy or transfer of the images and sound without a prior consent is prohibited regardless of its purpose.

We do not assure users that ChannelJ presents information, which satisfies the user's requirements. In addition, the information on websites or web pages that are presented on ChannelJ as the search result are registered automatically on ChannelJ with the previous data overwritten each time a robot updates the information, only when the information is readable for the robot. Please note that the information registered before the update may not be registered after the update. We cannot meet the request of users or others regarding the search result and display method of ChannelJ.

When damages are caused to the user as a result of the default of obligation or illegal action based on our intention or serious mistake in providing ChannelJ, we compensate the user for the damages. Moreover, when damages are caused to the user as a result of the default of obligation or illegal action due to our fault in providing ChannelJ, we compensate the user for the damages, provided that these damages are real, direct and usual. In such cases, we do not take any responsibility for the loss of opportunity to use, business interruption or any kind of damages (including indirect loss, special damage, associated damage, derived damages and passive damages) even if we have been notified of the possibility of the damages in advance.

The layout, design and structure of ChannelJ are the copyright and industrial property of ChannelJ Co., Ltd. unless otherwise specified on ChannelJ.

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Established: May 1, 2005
Added: April 6, 2006

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