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Terms of use

ChannelJ is a broadband Internet TV station (, which sends various information including the Japanese politics, economy and culture toward the world in a style of feature stories.

On-demand news is delivered 24 hours a day, and all these videos are free of charge. A number of new reports are available with videos of high-image quality and high-quality sound in 300Kbps, in both Japanese and English.

To use this site comfortably, please note the following:


You need Windows Media Player and Adobe Flash Players to view the videos and pages on this site.

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ChannelJ uses the distribution technology of Broadmedia RCDN for all videos presented in our webpage in order to provide comfortable replay environment to all users.



The operation with a browser has been checked with Microsoft Internet Explorer only. The pages may not be displayed correctly with other browsers such as Netscape Navigator, Opera and Safari.

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